204-250-0188 – Pediatric vs General Family Dentists – Winnipeg Kid’s Dentist – Mitch Vodrey

Winnipeg Pediatric Dentist – Dr Mitch Vodrey
http://drmitchvodrey.com/ – In this video – Dr. Mitch Vodrey discusses the difference between the services offered by Pediatric Dentists compared to General Family Dentists.

Well, the difference between ourselves and the general family dentist is that, I guess you can really say that we are pediatrician in dentistry. It’s a specialty training that extends 2-3 years beyond dental school and dental training. We are limited in our practice to treating children only. We are the primary and specialty oral care provider for infants and children through adolescence, including some of those children that have special health needs as well. A lot of general practitioners refer to us.