Why Are Baby Teeth So Important and When Should You Wean a Baby? – Winnipeg Childrens Dentist

Pediatric Dentistry is a dental specialty that concentrates its attention on infants and childrens providing preventive and therapeutic oral health care.
In Winnipeg there are many childrens dentists to choose from but not all of them have the extra training required to be called a Pediatric Dentist
During your childrens “growth” phase, special approaches are needed to guide the childrens dental growth and development in order to avoid future dental problems. According to Dr Mitch Vodrey DDS
a Winnipeg childrens Pediatric Dental Specialist this is the most important time to see a childrens dentist
A common question that parents ask is “why spend money on the maintenance of their childrens baby teeth  when they are to be eventually replaced by their permanent teeth?”

Your Childrens Baby (Milk) teeth are as important as the permanent ones because:

  • Milk teeth serve as space maintainers for the proper spacing and alignment of the permanent teeth.
  • Healthy milk teeth are crucial in helping the baby learn how to speak properly.
  • Baby teeth are important in proper feeding and nutrition.
  • Healthy looking teeth are important in building self-confidence at an early age. Small children because of immaturity are quick to tease peers about ugly looking or decayed teeth.

Childrens Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

This term describes a dental condition which involves the rapid decay of many or all the baby teeth of an infant or child. The teeth most likely to be damaged are the upper front teeth since they are the first teeth to erupt and thus have the longest exposure time to the sugars in the feeding bottle. The lower front teeth tend to be protected by the tongue as the child sucks on the nipple of the bottle or the breast.
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is caused by long exposure of a child’s teeth to liquid containing sugars generally when the baby falls asleep with a bottle containing milk or juice or a pacifier dipped in honey. The liquid pools around the front teeth. During sleep, the bacteria living in every baby’s mouth, turns the milk sugar or other sugars to acid which causes the decay.

As a result, your child may suffer from long term disorders which include speech impediments, possible psychological damage, crooked or crowded teeth, and poor oral health.

How To Prevent Bottle Mouth in Your Childrens Teeth

This condition can be easily prevented by
  • Cleaning your children’s teeth daily
  • Giving plain water after a bottle of juice, milk, or formula (or when awake, sip on it for long periods of time as a pacifier)
  • Have regular dental visits for your child beginning when their first tooth erupts
  • Make sure your child gets the fluoride needed to prevent decay
  • Start bottle weaning by at least a year (check with your pediatrician – If baby has teeth time to start weaning)
We hope that you implement these tips and give your child the best means possible to achieve optimal dental health.

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